Wednesday, March 2, 2011


One of my new favourites, Annie Leppälä, graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki, a photographer with a style created by light and concepts enhancing eachother, a approach to a concervation of the moment

"My interest towards photography is closely related to time in the past tense, to the possibility of being able to make a moment motionless, to make something stand still. That something has existed, and has now been set in static state. There is a certain aspect of lost moments and a feeling of letting go when looking at photographs. They exist at the intersection of the momentary and the constant, between the fleeting feeling of being alive and consciousness of the moments passing by."  Anni Leppälä

"How to stop a feeling, a memory? By binding it to visible objects, facades of material things, attaching it to a room´s walls, the surface of photographs. Like translucent skin with unforeseen memories beneath."   Anni Leppällä

Monday, February 21, 2011


Passage, 2008
She was 19, 2008

Flood, 2008

Wind, 2008

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



'Broken Manual' is the latest project and book from Alec Soth and  Lester B. Morrison, and is very much on my wish list! They have spent four years creating the book where Soth investigates places where people retreat to escape civilization. With a mix of creative use of photography and a innovative design they have created a instruction manual for those who is looking to escape their lives. The book is like a treasure hunt! Watch video here.

 "Soth photographs monks, survivalists, hermits and runaways, but this isn’t a conventional documentary book on life “off the grid.” Instead, working with the writer Lester B. Morrison, the authors have created an underground instruction manual for those looking to escape their lives."

                                                                                                   From the LittleBrownMushroom



"As an artist I see myself as kind of philosopher. Everyday I ask myself questions like how is the world constructed and why. Photography is for me basically an attempt to construct a language for these questions."
                          Sandra Kantanen

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Noemie Goudal´s work Les Amants is a very well constructed project, with interesting and aesthetic photos. I love her sets and the way she has performed the staging and the use of materials. The work is aiming to explore the relationship of man to the environment, and the use and misuse of materials.

 ´The main theme explored in my project Les Amants (The Lovers) is the invasion of man-made elements into organic landscapes: a topic that raises obvious environmental questions such as the passionate relationship that societies maintain with the world they live in, their desperate need of exploration and expansion. Would it not be the excessive passion of their build that led to its own destruction? They are like lovers, lovers of the ground.

They loved it so much that they consumed it all at once. Then left.  After the passage of passionate lovers, there are traces; remains of a past time that recount impulse and desire. After the passage of passionate societies, there are relics of paradise that offer fictional fantasies and alternative worlds. After the passage of passionate destructions, there are frail vestiges that after time inevitably remarry and rebuild new lands…´
                                                                            Noemie Goudal´s words from the RCA´s webpage.
Les Amants (Cascade), 2009

 Les Amants (Filet), 2009

                                     Les Amants (Promenade), 2009


'I am like a sculptor or installation artist who uses photography as a tool'   Engman in interview with Marc Feustel
Chris Engman´s Landscapes is a truly fascinating piece. The more we keep looking at the photos the more incredible is it, thinking about the process of construction Engmans goes through for every image. Building, creating, recreating, waiting, it all gives incredible interesting results, that facenates me more every time I look at them, as good art should. 

´My version (...) asserts that photographs are not objective and can only ever tell partial truths, and beauty and emotion are constructions of the mind. For me, this doesn't lessen photography, beauty or emotion but makes them all more interesting´          Chris Engman

Three Moments

Dust to Dust


The Meeting


"Much of my recent work takes place in the desert at a site in eastern Washington that I found two years ago and has by its gravity kept me going back. The place, for me, has a psychologically charged but neutral energy, like an unformed dream or empty canvas waiting to be acted upon."  Chris Engman

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Untitled (melancholy dame/carmen jones), 2001, Gelatin silver prints under semitransparent
Plexiglas with vinyl lettering

Men, 2002, Gelatin silver prints under semitransparent Plexiglas with vinyl lettering 


Facinating selfportraits, created by a large format camera and help from his assistant. Focusing the camera, positioning himself for his flight and coordination the position of the illusion, capturing the landscape and his personal vision to fly, even just for a second.

"Gordon’s ephemeral performances are captured with mythical imagination at a brief moment near the apex of his wingless flight. He is seen suspended in the air, in a prone position, arms and legs extended outward. He appears, sans cape, much like the fictional character Superman in flight, performing a similar super feat. We quickly learn that Gordon is actually more like Icarus, although he does not come in close proximity to the sun; he nevertheless quickly experiences earth’s strong gravitational pull and as abruptly plummets back to terra firma."        PowerHouse Books

Mary Frey

With a facination for birds and old printing processes it is hard to not find these Imagining Sauna interesting. The details and tones creates something deep, and dreaming. For Bubo.

"Photography invites us to pay attention. It describes with economy, precision and detail.It enables us to stare, scrutinize, and becomevoyeurs. Taxidermy allows us to do the same. Its complete replication of an animal’s stance,
gesture and look provides us a way to study and comprehend its existence. Yet I find that these animals, often portrayed in suspended animation, seem simultaneously strange, ghostly and beautiful. Their gaze is both familiar and unknown. I intend this work to move beyond what is merely seen to theterritory of the imagination, where what is remembered and known is transformed into something new."                Mary Frey

                                                             Grackle, 2008

                                    Three Grackles, 2008

                                           Barn Owl, 2008

                                   American Crow, 2008

                                  Saw Whet Owls, 2008


Bedknobs & Broomsticks by Trent Parke is said to be a photographc storybook for grownups, a nice layoud book with great design and look. Seems to be a a poetic book filled with words and pictures to enjoy, no wonder it was sold out in three days!

"With his fierce and inimitable photographic style, Parke takes the reader along on a magic bed of free association from Down Under. Treguna, Makoidees, Trecorum, Sadis Dee!"   Little Brown Mushroom

in edition of 1000